Walk in the footsteps of the first Catholics in America
From Sanford to St. Augustine

In April 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon landed on the northeast coast of Florida and planted the first cross in the sand. The early heroic martyrs endured deplorable conditions bringing the Faith to native Indians and ministering to the settlers. Modern day Catholics may not face death of body but the irreligious atmosphere cries for evangelization! Come walk the path of the martyrs from St. Thomas More Chapel in Sanford Florida to the oldest known site of the First Mass in North America and Nombre de Dios Shrine in St. Augustine.
Join your fellow Catholics in a public profession of our ancient holy Faith.
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April 3-8, 2018
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The Third Pascua Florida Pilgrimage - in 2015
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The Faith in Florida
Our Catholic ancestors risked life and limb to bring the Faith to souls who knew nothing of the grace of the good God.

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