upcoming SSPX events

Canoe Adventure

Women's 5-day Rosary (6/2015); Sanford, FL

Men's 5-day Fatherhood (7/2015); Sanford, FL

2015 Angelus Press Conference: The Family

Midnight Mass

2017 March for Life

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

test event

2017 Contest

Women's 5-day Ignatian (2/2017); Ridgefield

Women's Marian 3.5 Day Retreat (2/2017) - Phoenix

Men's 5 Day Ignatian (03/2017); Ridgefield

Women's Ignatian Retreat (Florida)

Men's Ignatian Retreat (Florida)

2017 Angelus Press Conference

Ordinations to the Minor Orders (2017-18)

Men's Night at the Priory

Confirmation in Sanford, FL - Bishop Fellay

Marriage Retreat & Couples Getaway Weekend with Fr. Angele & Dr. Eggerichs

Men's 3-Day Marian Retreat: Phoenix - February

Gregorian Chant Weekend for All

Altar Servers & Vocations Weekend

7th Annual Pascua Florida on Easter Week 2019

St. Ignatius Retreat for Women

All Day-long Adoration

Retreat for Men on Fatherhood

St. Ignatius Retreat for Men