upcoming SSPX events

Canoe Adventure

Women's 5-day Rosary (6/2015); Sanford, FL

Men's 5-day Fatherhood (7/2015); Sanford, FL

2015 Angelus Press Conference: The Family

Midnight Mass

2017 March for Life

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

test event

2017 Contest

Women's 5-day Ignatian (2/2017); Ridgefield

Women's Marian 3.5 Day Retreat (2/2017) - Phoenix

Men's 5 Day Ignatian (03/2017); Ridgefield

Women's Ignatian Retreat (Florida)

Men's Ignatian Retreat (Florida)

2017 Angelus Press Conference

Ordinations to the Minor Orders (2017-18)

Confirmation in Sanford, FL - Bishop Fellay

Marriage Retreat & Couples Getaway Weekend with Fr. Angele & Dr. Eggerichs

Gregorian Chant Weekend for All

Altar Servers & Vocations Weekend

Lent Recollection in Miami with Fr. Matthew, O.S.B.

Lent Recollection in Davie with Fr. Matthew, O.S.B.

Catholics' Duty for Common Good

Lenten Recollection in Sanford with Fr. Elias, O.S.B.

Lenten Recollection in Miami with Fr. Elias, O.S.B.

Lenten Recollection in Davie with Fr. Elias, O.S.B.

Lenten Recollection in Fort Myers with Fr. Elias, O.S.B.

Lenten Recollection in West Palm Beach

7th Annual Pascua Florida on Easter Week 2019

SSPX Third Order Meeting

St. Thomas More Academy Graduation and Awards Ceremony

Priestly Ordinations 2019

St. Ignatius Retreat for Women

All Day-long Adoration

Ven. Teresita Quevedo Girls’ Camp

Celebrating Saint Thomas More at the Priory

Retreat for Men on Fatherhood

St. Ignatius Retreat for Men

Men's Vocation Retreat - Holy Angels Novitiate Retreat Center: July

SSPX Third Order Meeting

Saint Maria Goretti Girls' Camp Hosted by SSPX Sisters - Waupaca WI

Women's Vocations Retreat with Fr. J. McFarland in Phoenix AZ: July/August

Catholic Choir Seminar & Workshop - 4 Days Culminating in Holy Days Mass

Good-Bye Party for Fr. Louis Alessio

Women's Ignatian Retreat: Christ the King Retreat Center, Buffalo MN - August

Men's Night at the Priory

Men's 5-Day Ignatian Retreat: Phoenix - September

Brothers' Profession of Vows

Matrimony 3-Day Retreat for Couples - Phoenix: October

Men's 5-Day Ignatian Retreat: Ridgefield - November

Minor Ordinations and Perpetual Engagements

"Sitientes" - Ordination to the Subdiaconate