Competition in Honor of Saint Michael the Archangel

September 22, 2019
St. Thomas More Academy, Sanford.
Saint Michael by Master of Belmonte - Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Once a month, it is Academy Sunday. On that Sunday, the children from St. Thomas More Academy sing the 9:30 High Mass. This year, Academy Sundays will also be the days for our Academy monthly contests. We welcome all the children from the parish to participate in these contests.

Sunday, September 22nd after the 9:30 Mass in the 4th portable.

What: A work of art honoring St. Michael the Archangel: prayer, picture, poem, wood-burning, string art, etc...

Who: All the children of the Parish.

3 groups will be judged:

- grades KG & 1 - 2
- grades 3 - 4
- grades 5 - 8

Please visit our school, support our children!

We look forward to seeing you!