Art Competition on the Feast of Saint Michael

October 30, 2019
Source: FSSPX Spirituality
Enjoy the picture gallery: the children are presenting their art work in front of all the contestants.

The St. Thomas More Academy students are able to sing at the High Mass on the fourth Sunday of every month. This is also the occasion of a competition, open to all of the children of the parish.

The first competition of this year was held on Sunday, September 22nd, consisting of a work of art honoring St. Michael the Archangel whose feast day was the following Sunday, September 29th. The children all came prepared, with colored pictures, decorated prayers, paintings, wood-burnings, snow globed and dolls honoring the General of the heavenly army. They were divided into three groups, Kindergarten – 1st – 2nd grades, 3rd – 4th grades, and 5th – 8th grades. Each group had the possibility of winning one of the three prizes. The task of judging was not an easy one, and the three judges – Mr. Justin Sauer, Miss Mary Ranieri, and Miss Rita Angele - expressed their difficulty in having to choose only three of the projects presented for each age group!

The children showed their originality in the variety of projects and works presented. The kindergartners of St. Thomas More Academy had not only colored a picture of the Archangel, but had also memorized the prayer to St. Michael. One of the children of the parish had sewn a St. Michael talking doll, with a recording of the Fatima prayer to the Most Holy Trinity. Another had made a snow globe with a St. Michael statue being the centerpiece. A few of the older students tried their skills at wood-burning, which also ranged from St. Michael fighting the dragon to his coat of arms. One did a string art project of the Archangel. The parents were all able to come and watch each child present his or her project, admiring the uniqueness of each presentation. Several parishioners who do not have school-age children came to watch and to show their support of the school.

We are excited for more of these competitions, with the next one occurring in November for a Thanksgiving themed craft.