Christ-the-King Celebrations at St. Thomas More

November 17, 2019
Source: Priory Orlando

The last Sunday of October is the feast day of Christ the King, and this year St. Thomas More Chapel celebrated the great festival on October 27th with a solemn High Mass, an outdoor procession of the Blessed Sacrament, and the annual festival of nations.

The outdoor procession gave public witness to Our Lord's kingship by calling to mind and honoring His divine royalty, by which He reigns supreme by right of birth and by right of conquest. By right of birth our Lord is the Son of God: in His divine nature as God and by virtue of the hypostatic union, He is our sovereign Lord and Master. By right of conquest our Lord came down on earth to rescue fallen mankind from the slavery of Satan, and by the labors and sufferings of His life, passion, and death he won a glorious victory for us over sin and hell. How fitting, then, that so good and kind a God should be given honor not just in our private lives, but for all the world to behold. A regal procession is a public triumph that calls to mind our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem at the start of Holy Week, and it is an occasion of great joy for the people, who publicly profess their reverence and communion with their Divine Savior.

The international festival in the priory’s back yard was marked by an array of flags from all the countries of the world that adorned the grounds. The events included the customary hayride, face-painting for the children, a silent auction, many delicious dishes and drinks from the numerous countries, and performances by many of the faithful that included a choral and dance performance by the St. Thomas More Academy students, a folk serenata, traditional Colombian dance, and Celtic music.

Vespers was held in the chapel at the conclusion of the day’s events. The festival was a happy success, and already plans are being made for next year’s celebration.