Governor of New York Promises Legal Surrogacy in 2020

January 17, 2020

The Bishops of the New York State Catholic Conference, USA, responded to the executive’s plan to legalize surrogacy in 2020.

In the United States, surrogacy has a name that could have come from the newspeak described in 1984 by George Orwell, since it speaks of “gestational surrogacy.”

This practice is defined by its promoters as “an agreement according to which a woman agrees to submit to pregnancy and childbirth, for another future parent,” explains the California Center for Reproductive Medicine (CACRM).

And since this method of motherhood is sufficiently unnatural to destroy the future mother, the CACRM adds that this is a “complex process that involves the help of professionals in the medical, psychological and legal fields so as to that the procedure is proceeding successfully for the future parents and the surrogate mother”: in short, beware of damages!

American-style surrogacy is supported by New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. This progressive Catholic has already succeeded in having a bill to legalize the procedure voted on by the State Senate in 2019. All that remains is to have this project come up for a vote in the State Assembly for it to become law. He even promised on December 30, 2019, “It will be done in 2020.”

The Bishops through the New York State Catholic Conference reacted on January 8, 2020, denouncing a “a dangerous policy that will lead to the exploitation of poor, vulnerable women, and has few safeguards for children.”

Let there be no illusions, Andrew Cuomo is not taking a great political risk by promising the legalization of surrogacy in 2020. Whether in the Senate or in the Assembly - the two chambers that make up the state legislature - the democratic party to which the governor belongs has a sufficient majority to carry out his harmful project.