A Scientist Consecrated Her Laboratory to Our Lady

September 05, 2020
Source: Priory Orlando
Dr. Deborah Maxwell is oftentimes surrounded at church by her nine grandchildren.

St. Thomas More parishioner Dr. Deborah Maxwell invited Father Vernoy to visit the BoMax Lab and consecrate it to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

BoMax Hydrogen, LLC (formed in early 2014) has developed a patented photo-biocatalytic system that uses light-activated nanoparticles coupled with bioinorganic molecules to generate 100% clean hydrogen. Bomax Hydrogen’s innovation is a patented renewable energy system that produces clean, green, renewable hydrogen at the point of use.

At Father Vernoy’s encouragement, Dr. Maxwell wrote President Donald Trump and invited him to visit BoMax Hydrogen Lab, a business she started to improve the renewable energy landscape.

“I developed and patented an efficient carbon-neutral room temperature method for producing green hydrogen,” Dr. Maxwell said.

It is in appreciation of President Trump’s recognition of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of men that I invited him to tour BoMax lab.

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Deborah Bolin Maxwell was born in South Carolina but has lived most of her life in Central Florida.

Dr. Maxwell started her professional career as a registered respiratory therapist, specializing in neonatal intensive care. Later she returned to college to pursue graduate degrees to enable her to teach chemistry. She initially studied in an environmental chemistry laboratory at the University of Central Florida, specializing in remediation of heavy metals in contaminated soils and sediments earning her Masters of Industrial Chemistry degree.

Dr. Maxwell then worked in a biochemistry laboratory at the University of Central Florida, earning her Ph.D. and working with the iron-molybdenum cofactor in nitrogenase coupled to photo-catalytic materials. The goal was to develop green energy resources. Dr. Maxwell has taught chemistry at the University of Central Florida, Seminole State College, Valencia College, and at Stetson University.

Dr. Maxwell is currently the Chief Science Officer of BoMax Hydrogen Lab at the Space Life Sciences Laboratory in Merritt Island, Florida. BoMax is working on a passive method to produce hydrogen utilizing a photo-catalytic system derived from bacteria and inexpensive light-harvesting material.

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