United States: A Satanic Group is Officially Recognized

May 10, 2019
Source: fsspx.news
Le Satanic Temple s'est installé à Salem, dans le Massachusetts.

The Satanic Temple, located in the state of Massachusetts (northeastern United States), in April 2019 has been officially recognized as a “church” by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, the federal agency that primarily collects income tax.

This administrative decision gives the Satanist association the same legal status as other religious entities. In particular, groups having the status as “churches” in the United States benefit from numerous tax breaks.

The Satanic Temple made itself known in 2014, by demanding the installation of a statue of Baphomet be placed on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds in Oklahoma City in the center of the United States. Also in 2014, the group attempted to hold a black mass on the campus of the famous Harvard University, announcing to the media that a consecrated host would be profaned at the event. Following strong protests by bishops and other religious groups, the ceremony was first moved off campus, before finally being canceled.