SSPX Chapels in Florida Make Changes Because of COVID-19

March 14, 2020
Source: Priory Orlando

Following the SSPX Directives of the US District in response to the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), as well as the orders and recommendations of the civil authorities, St. Thomas More Priory and its SSPX Florida Chapels communicate the following changes, which will remain in effect until further notice.

1. Prayer and Penance during this Lent Period

Parce Domine, parce populo tuo, ne in aeternum irascaris nobis!

Faith should be our first answer in the face of illness and danger. Notice that this health crisis and all its consequences coincide with the Lent period, the Holy Quarantine or “Quadragesima” (Lent). Let us acknowledge God’s sign and make this period an opportunity for spiritual purification with penance and more intensive prayer.

Let us remember that all evils are the consequence of sin and allowed by God for a greater good.

Let us be generous in answering this providential invitation to ask for God’s mercy, confidence in His Providence and meditation on our last ends.

Special Continuous Mass

A Continuous Mass for Protection and Deliverance is offered every day by one of our SSPX priests across the US District.

Extra Mass in Sanford and Jacksonville

At Sanford, an extra Sunday Masses are said at 6 am and 6 pm during Lent. For updated schedule, see the app >

On March 15, an extra Mass is said in Jacksonville at 7:30 am. For the rest of Lent, two masses will be given on Sundays at Jacksonville: 7:30 am and 10 am. See Jacksonville updated schedule >

Other chapels updated schedule >

Livestream Mass and Catechism

On Sundays, at 9 am (ET) Adult Catechism Class followed by the 9:30 am (ET) Mass is live-streamed and can be viewed at our SSPX Florida Youtube Channel. These videos are also available online after the scheduled livestream.
During the week, one Mass is also live-streamed every day: 7:30 am (ET) Monday to Friday and 8:30 am (ET) on Saturday.

Extra Liturgical Prayers

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the priests add at Mass liturgical prayers recommended by the Church “for protection and deliverance”.

Liturgical Prayers for Protection and Deliverance >

Spiritual Communion

Spiritual communion can be multiplied over the days even by those who receive the sacramental Communion.

What is Spiritual Communion? >

Blessing of the Sick

From March 15 to the end of Lent, the blessing for the sick and in case of epidemics are given after all Sunday masses in all our Florida chapels.

Lent Perpetual Adoration

To make this Lent Quarantine more profitable for all, you are invited to join our Perpetual Adoration. By registering, you commit to offer one hour of prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament or wherever you are, alone or as a family, for being delivered from all spiritual and material evils. Family Rosary can be part of the hour of prayer.

Please register and choose a slot here>

2. Charity towards our Neighbors

Assisting the needy

Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.

Elderly and Isolated People

The elderly and sick people, and all those in a fragile situation, should be an object of great attention. Please make sure we do not leave them unattended, but rather provide them with the charity of our prayers and any needed help. For those who are isolated (a Federal ruling prohibits all visits to nursing homes outside the danger of death), let us make good use of the phone in order to help them with our regular calls. This might include praying with them.

Please let the priests know of their needs.

This attention to the most fragile should be an all-year preoccupation.

Our Children and St. Thomas More Academy

Although we have not experienced any coronavirus-related illness, and we are not currently obliged to follow the directives of the Seminole County Public Schools, we do follow the County’s school closures in case of weather-related emergencies. We apply the same policy in this case and therefore close the Academy is closed until April 20th.

We offer homework for children with online classes.

Not to spread the virus, especially not to expose the elderly

Dispensation from Mass Attendance

As an act of charity for their neighbors, all sick people should not attend Mass. In the present circumstances, this directive includes anyone slightly ill, especially children who should not be exposed to elderly; all those who must stay at home (sick -even slightly ill- as well as those who attend them or depend on them) are dispensed from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass.

Holy Water Fonts

Holy water fonts are emptied. Holy water is offered at the entrance of the church. You can also acquire your personal holy water bottle.

Liturgical Kisses

All liturgical kissing of the hand of the priest is suppressed.

Extra Hygiene

Our priests take extra care in cleaning their hands, and those who feel sick restrain from traveling or giving Communion. Our churches, the Academy and our Priory are cleaned and sanitized even better than usual.

We recommend that all follow the guidelines given online by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

No Food Distributed at Church

All distribution of food on Sundays or other occasions in our chapels is canceled.

3. Stay Informed

In order to stay informed, please subscribe to our St. Thomas More Newsletter and update your information in the census card available in your chapel.

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